IC Enterra Completes Preliminary Licensing Processes for Solar and Wind Power Plants with Storage

IC Enterra Yenilenebilir Enerji’nin, Osmaniye’de kurmayı planladığı Derin GES depolamalı üretim tesisinin ön lisans başvurusunun onaylanması ile tüm depolamalı tesis ön lisans süreçleri tamamlanmış oldu. Şirketten KAP’a yapılan açıklamada, “Toplam 485 MW kapasiteli 8 adet projemiz için çalışmalarımız devam ediyor” denildi.

C Enterra Renewable Energy has completed all preliminary licensing processes for its storage-integrated facilities following the approval of the pre-license application for the Derin Solar Power Plant (GES) with storage, planned to be established in Osmaniye. In a statement to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), the company announced, “Our work continues on eight projects with a total capacity of 485 MW.”

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) has approved the pre-license application for IC Enterra’s planned 55 MW capacity Derin GES storage-integrated production facility in Osmaniye.

In the statement to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) by IC Enterra Renewable Energy, it was emphasized, “In our public offering prospectus, we highlighted our focus on sustainable growth and diversifying the company’s portfolio, working on investments for a total of 485 MW of storage-integrated production facilities, including 430 MW of wind power (RES) and 55 MW of solar power (GES). Based on the EPDK’s board decision, our pre-license application for the Derin GES storage-integrated production facility has been approved, and all preliminary licensing processes related to these investments have been completed. Our work continues on eight projects with a total capacity of 485 MW.”

The company stated that the 485 MW storage-integrated RES and GES projects are expected to produce 1.5 billion kWh of electricity annually, noting:

“For these projects, which have acquired capacity rights, the licenses will be transferred to special purpose companies wholly owned by IC Enterra, either upon the issuance of licenses by EPDK or at an earlier date permitted by regulations. Our investors will be informed simultaneously through the Public Disclosure Platform whenever there is a matter that needs to be disclosed in accordance with the relevant regulations.”

In recent weeks, the company announced the acquisition of 100% shares of Italian Eterna Green S.r.l. With this acquisition, IC Enterra has taken a step towards building a portfolio in Italy by developing renewable energy projects, primarily in wind and solar energy, and by purchasing projects at various stages or operational projects.

Focusing on the 136 MWm Hatay Erzin-2 YEKA GES and the 61 MWm Bağıştaş hybrid GES projects, which are in the permission stages, the company continues its efforts on storage-integrated RES and GES investments. Considering these investments, IC Enterra Renewable Energy aims to reach approximately 1,200 MW in its licensed project portfolio in operation and under investment by the end of 2026.

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