Papara Unveils New Investment Product at Money 20/20 Europe Event

Papara CEO Emre Kenci stated, “We are delighted to have actively participated once again in the Money 20/20 Europe event, where global leaders in finance and technology come together, and to have provided the Papara experience to thousands of attendees.”

Papara introduced its new investment product that enables fractional share trading on American stock exchanges at the Money 20/20 Europe event.

According to a statement from the company, Papara participated in the Money 20/20 Europe event, held in Amsterdam, which is considered one of Europe’s most significant finance and technology ecosystem gatherings.

With 20 million users, Papara took part as a ‘5-star sponsor’ at the event, which brought together numerous banks, financial technology companies, industry stakeholders, and thousands of participants from around the world.

First participating in Money 20/20 Europe in 2023, Papara attracted attention with its design and content-rich booth, special area on the balcony alongside companies like Google, J.P. Morgan, and Barclays, and hosted over 2,000 visitors with its 30 employees. The company introduced its products and experience to more than 450 individuals and held 37 business partnership meetings.

During the three-day event, which featured numerous sessions and B2B meetings focused on finance, technology, artificial intelligence, and innovation, Papara showcased a wide range of products and services from Papara cards and online and face-to-face payment solutions to investment and insurance products and a speaking feature.

The company also brought the technology that allows users to design their own prepaid cards to its booth. Hundreds of participants visiting the Papara booth designed their NFC-enabled digital business cards, which were instantly printed and used throughout the event.

  • Continuing Growth with the Goal of Becoming a Financial Super App

In the statement, Papara CEO Emre Kenci noted that Papara has become a globally recognized company and expressed, “We are happy to have actively participated in the Money 20/20 Europe event, where global leaders in finance and technology gather, and to have provided the Papara experience to thousands of attendees. We continue to grow with the goal of becoming a financial Super App.”

Kenci added, “Following our investments in the European market and our acquisition of 100% of Pakistan-based SadaPay, we will soon see our 20 million users rapidly grow to 80 million.”

Invited by Money 20/20 to speak at the ‘Generation Wealth: How to Open Doors to New Ways of Investing’ session, Kenci discussed Papara’s collaboration with global B2B financial technology platform DriveWealth and the new stock investment product that will empower the new generation of investors in Turkey by enabling fractional share trading on American stock exchanges.

As part of this collaboration, the new investment product will allow Papara’s 20 million users to invest in shares listed on Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) starting from $1. This product, distinguished by its ease of use, transparent pricing, and fixed transaction fees, is set to launch in October 2024, with more than 600,000 users already on the waiting list.

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