Turkey’s Electricity Data for June 7

According to the data from the Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEİAŞ), the highest electricity consumption yesterday was recorded at 50,420 megawatt-hours at 3:00 PM, while the lowest consumption was 33,269 megawatt-hours at 7:00 AM.

Yesterday, Turkey produced 1,027,560 megawatt-hours of electricity on a daily basis, while consumption was recorded at 1,036,128 megawatt-hours.

Daily electricity production yesterday was 1,027,560 megawatt-hours, and consumption was recorded at 1,036,128 megawatt-hours.

Electricity Imports More Than Double Exports

In production, natural gas power plants ranked first with a 21% share. This was followed by imported coal power plants and dam hydroelectric power plants, each with an 18.9% share.

Yesterday, Turkey exported 6,579 megawatt-hours of electricity and imported 15,147 megawatt-hours of electricity.

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