Windows 11 Makes a Comeback

As of May 2024, the most popular Windows versions have been identified. After a two-month decline, Windows 11 has managed to bounce back and increase its user base.

Microsoft has been making significant efforts to encourage users to switch to Windows 11. Despite this, there was a decline in Windows 11 users in recent months. Fortunately, this trend has reversed. According to Statcounter’s May data, the user base of Windows 11 increased by 1.33%, reaching a market share of 27.76%. This increase was driven by AI-supported features and updates.

Windows 10 Still Reigns Supreme

Despite the rebound of Windows 11, the most popular Windows version remains Windows 10. In May, Windows 10 held a market share of 68.34%. However, this figure represents a 1.69% decrease compared to April. The longstanding leadership of Windows 10 reflects users’ confidence in its stability and their attachment to familiar routines.

Interestingly, the long-unsupported Windows 7 still holds the third spot with a 2.86% market share. Even Windows XP has shown a slight increase, reaching 0.37%. This indicates that some users have not abandoned older systems and continue to meet specific needs with these versions.

AI and New Features

The AI-supported Copilot feature played a significant role in the resurgence of Windows 11. Such innovations have successfully rekindled user interest and accelerated the transition to Windows 11. Microsoft’s continuous enhancement of user experience through such innovations will likely influence future market share changes.

The recovery of Windows 11 demonstrates the effectiveness of Microsoft’s new strategies. However, the substantial user base of Windows 10 suggests that this version will not relinquish its throne anytime soon. Users continue to prefer versions they are accustomed to and find reliable.

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