British Prime Minister Sunak resigns

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that he would submit his resignation to King Charles III after his party’s election defeat and announced that he also resigned from the Conservative Party leadership.

Sunak made a farewell statement at Downing Street, where the Prime Minister’s Office Number 10 is located, after yesterday’s elections.

Speaking before his meeting with King Charles, Sunak said, “I want to say that I apologize to the country. I gave my all to this office, but you have sent a clear message that the British government must change. The most important judgment is the judgment you made.”

“I have heard your anger and sadness and I take full responsibility for this loss,” Sunak said, apologizing to Conservative Party candidates and staff for their fruitless efforts.

“Following these results, I am also resigning as the leader of the Conservative Party,” said Sunak, who also shared his regret that many parliamentary candidates could not enter the Parliament.

Sunak noted that his resignation will not be processed immediately and that he will remain in office until a new leader is elected.

Stating that the Conservative Party will also effectively carry out its opposition role, Sunak said that during their rule, inflation fell to the targeted level, economic stability was achieved and economic growth was achieved again.

Stating that the United Kingdom has become a stronger union, Sunak said, “I think our country is safer and stronger than 20 months ago, richer, fairer and more resilient than in 2010.”

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